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One of the most influential women of her generation in Asia, Ikumi's StalkerZero campaign broke all previous online records and has been featured world-wide including TED Talks. She also started the Global Student Diplomacy Network connecting kids from different countries with celebrities to learn about conflict resolution and cultural exchange. As an Ambassador for WILDAID Ikumi has traveled to Africa and is leading the charge to band the Ivory trade in Japan which has supported illegal poaching.


Ikumi Yoshimatsu / 吉松 育美


Ikumi Yoshimatsu is a Hollywood Actor and Stunt Woman. She is also an opinion leader, best selling author, Human Rights Activist, Wildlife Activist, TED Talks presenter, weapons specialist AND was the first Miss Japan ever to win the world pageant title of Miss International in the 60 year history of the worlds second largest pageant that celebrates “Intelligence and Beauty”. As a Motivational Speaker, Beauty and Lifestyles Lecturer her lecture tours are popular among business leaders and the general public. Widely considered one of the most influential women’s rights activists of her generation in Asia, Ikumi is a hero in China, Korea, Japan and many other countries for her fearless actions in support of women. Her personal story was the 4th most read story in the Daily Beast and her 2014 online internet petition on change.org broke all previous records for participation in Asia. She was the #1 most talked about subject on the popular Girls Channel internet site for a record holding 6 consecutive weeks. Said to be among the most beautiful Asian women in the world, Ikumi is one of only a few Japanese female actors to have successfully transitioned outside Japan. She can be seen on billboards, TV commercials and in movies in China, Korea, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, Russia, Turkey, France and of course in the U.S. market. Noted as an actor for her photographic memory and wide emotional range, Ikumi is able to deliver lines in a native American English accent. As an athlete, Ikumi was a regional champion in the 100m hurdles and high-jump. She has also completed several marathons including 3 of the “Majors" and was the official face of both the Tokyo Marathon and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic bid. As a political Womens Rights activist, Ikumi was the youngest member of the Ministerial Emergency Taskforce to address gender equality in Japan. Her contributions were widely publicized in news papers and in the Huffington Post. Ikumi owns her own publishing and production company and has co-produced feature films both in the U.S. and in Japan.

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